An introduction to monomania a pathological obsession

It is quite distinct phenomenologically from both delusion and obsessional idea. Iraq was portrayed as the most dangerous thing in national security.

Idée fixe (psychology)

I read this beautifully written book monomaniacally. For example, many years ago a very wealthy patient would compulsive and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, whether they can or cannot afford it, as a way to chase away his feelings of depression and emptiness.

Ultimately, there comes that day when the dismal condition of family finances comes to light. However seductive a keyword may be, there is always a bigger picture.

Obsession is the hallmark of genius, of industry and perhaps of modern life, such as our need to regularly check e-mail.

An Introduction to Compulsive Gambling

A frequent manifestation of Monomania - derived from the Greek monos meaning one and mania meaning, erm, mania - is a pathological obsession with a single idea.

Her book offers a fascinating philosophical and psychological consideration of the desire to organize one's existence around a stable ideal, and the corresponding anxiety that life is otherwise meaningless or empty But Davis is a fine writer, and he grabs the reader at the outset by confessing his own childhood rituals.

They cannot contain or control the wish to buy more things.

An Introduction to Compulsive Gambling

In the world of Internet marketing, monomania could ultimately starve a site of traffic and burn an SEO campaign to the ground.

The desire unites the artist fleeing reality for abstraction, the nineteenth-century housewife seeking a master in her mate, the hypochondriac focusing ever inward on his or her body, and even the academic obsessed with productivity.

Marina van Zuylen's gentle irony and dry wit make this richly written book a delight to read. Goldstein, Console and Classify, p. The first question to ask yourself is what happens while you're waiting for your show-stopping number 1 ranking to materialize.

A person, therefore, may be insane and irresponsible as to one subject and at the same time sane and responsible to others. But even if that doesn't happen, focusing on one high-volume keyword at the expense of all the lower-volume, long-tail keywords just doesn't make sense.

Is your SEO campaign delivering any significant return on investment for your client in the short-term. The book is laced with rich examples exemplifying obsessional people and their work.

The process of engaging in these behaviors leads to typical addiction symptoms withdrawal, tolerance, heightened excitement or euphoria. If you do a good job, 6 months down the line you might actually secure the ranking you've been working towards.

Their protagonists or alter egos live more intensely, more meaningfully, because of the compulsive pressures they set up for themselves.

Goldsteinwas as a medical term around in connection with monomania. Embracing Long-tail Keywords A number 1 ranking for your client's biggest keyword is a great thing to have. Taking examples from literature, history, art, and medicine, he shows how society both aggravates and aggrandizes obsessiveness, notably in sex education, science, and psychoanalysis.

The question of difference, and thus definition, is a recurring motif. Marina van Zuylen revives the term monomania to explore the therapeutic attributes of obsession. Olympian athletes, concert soloists, and novelists have to be obsessed, yet the admired qualities that undergird their excellence also cause suffering and can lead to psychiatric diagnosis.

In the outside world, such fixations are linked to everything from eating disorders to arson. Ithaca—London, Cornell University Press, Compulsive shoppers easily get themselves and their families into debt. And best of all, long-tail searches are performed by people who know what they're looking for; if your site provides what they want, there's a much better chance of conversion than with visitors referred by more generic searches.

This article explores the dangers of basing an SEO campaign around a single keyword, and outlines the benefits of a strategy that embraces the value of long-tail traffic.

Are You a Compulsive Shopper?

Your comments are welcome. Homicidal mania is an insane impulse to kill; pyromania is an insane impulse to burn buildings; and kleptomania is an insane impulse to steal.

Idée fixe (psychology)

It is possible to get treatment for monomania. Marina van Zuylen's interest lies in analyzing monomania as an all-too-common yearning for absolutes that transcends the nineteenth century and permeates literature, art, and life even today.

Process addictions are more common among children of alcoholics or addicts, recovering alcoholics or addicts, or current alcoholics or addicts. He also clearly derfines it as a pathological phenomenon and a highly significant medical category.

Compulsive gambling is considered a form of addiction. An obsession or abnormally extreme enthusiasm for a single idea or subject; a psychosis marked by the limitation of the symptoms rather strictly to a certain group, as the delusion in paranoia.

But obsession is not only a phenomenon of modern existence: it is a medical category—both a pathology and a goal. Behind this paradox lies a fascinating history, which Lennard J.

Davis tells in Obsession. Compulsive gambling is considered a form of addiction. The term addiction is usually reserved to explain a compulsive attraction or pathological attachment to a substance, normally a drug. However, we now recognize that some behaviors can be addicting, such as eating, sex and gambling.

Compulsive or pathological buying, or monomania, is defined as frequent preoccupation with buying or impulses to buy that are experienced as irresistible, intrusive, and/or senseless.

The buying behavior causes marked distress, interferes with social functioning and marriage and often results in. Monomania is a state of madness, or derangement of the mind, with respect to one subject only.

The Madness Of Keyword Monomania: The Pathological Obsession With A Single Keyword

Homicidal mania is an insane impulse to kill; pyromania is an insane impulse to burn buildings; and kleptomania is an insane impulse to steal. Monomania - derived from the Greek monos (meaning one) and mania (meaning, erm, mania) - is a pathological obsession with a single idea.

In the outside world, such fixations are linked to everything from eating disorders to arson.

An introduction to monomania a pathological obsession
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Project MUSE - Monomania: the Flight from Everyday Life in Literature and Art (review)